Mobilith SHC 007 – 16KG




Mobilith SHC 007

The Mobilith SHC range of greases is a set of superior performing products that have been designed for use across a variety of applications needing the extremes of temperatures. These combine unique characteristics from synthetic base lubricants and blend them with a top-notch lithium complex thickener.

They have a wax-free nature that gives them a low traction coefficient in comparison with other conventional mineral oils, which can help them to provide excellent stability and other protective qualities. They are the product of choice for so many users due to their versatility, reliability and good performances.

A high-quality product all-round, key advantages include:

Outstanding performance at any temperature
This product is ideal for use across a wide range of temperatures. It also keeps its outstanding protective qualities at both high temperatures and low torque, allowing for an easy start-up.

Excellent protective qualities
Mobilith SHC greases have excellent protective qualities against rust, corrosion, wear and oxidation. The protection against these allows the machine to perform to a higher standard for longer, and to reduce the unanticipated downtime needed to repair machinery because of wear and rust.

Structural stability in water
This product can retain its excellent performance level, even when it is exposed to a hostile aqueous environment.

Low volatility
The oil has a low volatility, which helps it to resist a viscosity increase at the higher temperatures. This enables the bearing life to be increased, and to extend the intervals between re-lubrication.

Main application

Mobilith SHC greases are compatible with the majority of mineral oil-based products. However, an admixture may detract from their excellent performance qualities.

As a multipurpose extreme pressure grease, Mobilith SHC 007 is recommended for use in heavy duty industrial and automotive applications. Furthermore, this lubricant has a suggested operating range of temperatures that runs from -50?C to 150?C.

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