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Mobilgear OGL 009 is a high-quality lubricant that contains additives to ensure its performance even when under immense pressure. To assist with load carriage, it also features graphite that is finely dispersed.

This lubricant is perfect for gears that are large in size and operate at a medium or slow speed. It also has outstanding adhesive properties, as well as the ability to resist the ‘fling-off’ than can occur when operating in conditions of very heavy demand.

Mobilgear OGL 009 can be transferred by means of a standard transfer pump from the drum to a spray nozzle. The soft consistency of the product, as well as its capability to perform at low temperatures, make Mobilgear OGL 009 suitable for all kinds of spray applications.

This high-quality lubricant contains a very specific type of finely dispersed graphite. When used for large open gearing operations, such as slow speed and high load conditions, it can help to significantly reduce wear and tear.

Mobilgear have an excellent reputation across the world, and they are known for innovation as well as the reliable performance of their products. Mobilgear’s OGL range was devised and formulated by ExxonMobil’s own team of research scientists. Since development, it has become a highly popular choice for anyone using large open gearing systems.

These lubricants were originally formulated in order to satisfy the criteria of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as those customers who tend to choose a grease that is soft to semi-fluid in consistency. This type of grease is ideal for use with heavy loads and medium to slow speed open gearing.

One of the reasons such a product developed was for the separation of heavy load bearing gear teeth, in order to minimise surface damage and wear. The finely dispersed graphite present in Mobilgear 009 has been proven to enhance the film thickness of elastohydrodynamic (EHL) lubrication.

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