Morris Multivis ECO FB 5W/20

Morris Lubricants



The Morris Multivis ECO FB 5W-20 has been specifically developed for use in Ford’s latest fuel efficient petrol engines. The enhanced oil flow and film strength provided by the products gives essential protection during start-up. An advanced additive package provides long-term benefits including reduced wear on critical valve-train components, including camshafts and hydraulic cam-followers.

Benefits of Morris Multivis ECO FB 5W/20

  • Increased engine efficiency, output and fuel economy
  • Outstanding cold starting characteristics, reducing wear
  • Improved flow rates to bearings at low temperatures and increased film strength at high temperatures
  • Protection at high temperatures and controls sludge
  • A high level of thermal stability and improved engine cleanliness


This product is recommended for use where the manufacturer specifies that a 5W-20 lubricant must be used which complies with one of the performance levels listed below.

Performance Levels

  • Ford WSS-M2C948-B
  • API SN
  • STJLR.03.5004

Can be used in all applications requiring Ford WSS-M2C925-B

Additional information

Weight N/A
Pack Size

12 x 1L, 4 x 5L, 25L, 205L