Nynas Nytro Lyra X – 205L




Nynas Nytro Lyra X

Nynas Nytro Lyra X is an inhibited transformer oil of a high grade. It conforms to the IEC 60296 fourth edition. It has been manufactured to have an outstanding level of oxidation stability, which can translate to a longer life for transformers and less time and money spent on maintenance. With a strong resistance to oil degradation, it has passed the below corrosion tests:

ASTM D1275
DIN 51353
IEC 62535

The manufacturer has crafted this product for use primarily with oil-filled electricals including rectifiers, circuit breakers, switchgears and power transformers. It possesses a Napthenic base which means it can start at low temperatures and doesn’t need pour point depressants. With a high dielectric strength too, it can excel in tough conditions.

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Weight 205 kg