Paratherm LC System Cleaner – 5 US Gallon

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Paratherm LC System Cleaner is a proprietary cleaning agent specifically formulated to suspend & dissolve sludge deposits that can reduce flow & efficiency in larger continuously operated systems. This unique additive formula cleans the system while it runs, eliminating the need for any flushing fluids or chemical cleaners. Paratherm LC Sytem Cleaner restores system performance and dissolves sludge as the system runs meaning minimal downtime and it is compatible with any mineral oil-based heat transfer fluid.

Operating Range for Paratherm LC System Cleaner


Minimum Startup Temperature (300cSt)

Maximum Operating Temperature

52°F / 11°C

550°F / 288°C

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Usage Instructions

  1. Install a 60-mesh screen in the Y-strainer to catch any large lumps that break loose.

  2. Drain the equivalent amount of fluid from the system before adding LC cleaner. Paratherm suggest the treat rate should be between 3-12% of system volume, depending on the degree of fouling. System cleaning should be preceded by analysis of the fluid to confirm a suitable treatment rate.

  3. Add Paratherm LC System Cleaner slowly, using a positive displacement transfer pump and hoses of appropriate temperature range. Either pump the cleaner fluid directly into the system (near to the pump suction, if possible) or pump into the expansion tank and drain into the system.

  4. Allow cleaner to circulate until all loops are at operating temperature then run the system normally. Minimum suggested circulating time is 3 weeks, maximum time is 1 year.

  5. Clean the Y-strainer screen as necessary throughout the duration of the cleaning cycle.

  6. To drain both cleaner and fluid, shut off the heater but allow the pump to circulate until system temperature is cool enough to handle (< 200°F). Do not allow the system to cool with the pump turned off as this will permit particles to settle out and contaminate the new fluid.

  7. Drain the system with the pump still running and continue to run it until it begins to cavitate, or the low-pressure switch shuts it off.

  8. Continue draining as quickly as possible. Any delay will allow sludge to settle out in the piping where it will contaminate the new fluid.

  9. Refill system with Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluid and restart the system normally.

  10. One week after startup, send sample to fluid supplier for testing.

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