Petronas Arbor Farmflu




PETRONAS Arbor Farmflu is a protective coolant and antifreeze fluid that has been concentrated for engines in earth moving machinery, tractors, and other types of farming vehicles.

When properly diluted, PETRONAS Arbor Farmflu can deliver maximum performance in terms of cooling and antifreeze protection. It can remove the heat that is generated by combustion and can ensure protection against engine freezing to temperatures down to –38°C when mixed to a 50 percent water solution.

This highly specialised coolant and antifreeze fluid is formulated for specific applications where the engines of farm machines and earth-moving equipment require protection.

Arbor Farmflu from PETRONAS can deliver many benefits. These include advanced Long Life Technology, which extends fluid service life and prevents circuit clogging and deposit formation. It also promotes extended cooling system life due to enhanced corrosion protection and protection from freezing when outside temperatures reach -38°C at 50 percent with water. Additionally, it provides protection against boiling in circuit temperatures of up to 110°C at 50 percent with water. This fluid is also a good elastomer and has plastic compatibility to extend the active service life of components.

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