Petronas Arbor HTC 46 – 200L



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Machinery is the lifeblood of a well-run construction or agricultural business, which is why the highest-quality fluids are desired to ensure equipment operates reliably and efficiently, even under the most demanding of conditions.

PETRONAS Arbor HTC 46 is a high-viscosity, top-quality hydraulic fluid that has been designed to meet the needs of high-pressure hydraulic subsystems in equipment like earthmoving machines, combine harvesters and other farm machinery.

With its high viscosity index, PETRONAS Arbor HTC 46 ensures a high level of output and a timely response over a wide range of temperatures. It helps extend the life of components by protecting them from wear, even during cold starts, thanks to enhanced fluidity at low temperatures. It also has excellent thermal and oxidation stability, even at high temperatures, so it maintains its excellent performance for longer.

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