Petronas Disrol Monograde Cylinder and Crankcase Oils



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The premium-quality PETRONAS Disrol monograde crankcase and cylinder oils have been specially formulated to meet the demands of medium-speed trunk piston diesel engines with a high specific output, even when operating under challenging conditions. They are suitable for engines consuming fuel blends with a low sulphur content (less than 1%) and distillate fuels.

A blend of top-quality base oils is combined with an advanced additive package to provide superior protection against corrosion and wear, good thermal and temperature oxidation stability, and a low level of volatility, as well as ensuring that engines, particularly the camshaft and crankcase areas, remain clean from deposits, so they can perform efficiently and reliably.

While these products are suitable for lubricating medium-speed trunk piston engines fuelled by light fuel blends or distillate fuels, they can also be used in the crankcases of large crosshead type diesel engines that consume high-sulphur fuels.

The PETRONAS Disrol range boasts an outstanding ability to neutralize the strong acids that can find their way into the crankcase when operating with high-sulphur fuel. These contaminants could otherwise cause components like cylinders, rings and bearings to corrode, as well as possibly degrade the effectiveness of the engine oil. These oils also have good water separability, which helps to limit any depletion of additives during centrifuge.

An extended oil life and lower oil consumption is made possible by excellent oxidation and thermal stability, reducing the need for routine maintenance and, consequently, operating costs. Furthermore, an advanced system of additives prevents commonly found engine deposits like lacquer and varnish from forming, meaning that engine components stay remarkably clean and function for longer without the need for costly maintenance interventions. This even holds true in high-temperature areas like the piston ring belt and piston undercrown, and with deposits firmly under control in these areas, the piston rings can continue to function efficiently and maintain a consistently good power output.

If the PETRONAS Disrol monograde cylinder and crankcase oils sound like they may be a good fit for your application, get in touch with our capable team here at Oil Store to take matters further.

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