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The PETRONAS Gear Syn PAO Series is made up of advanced performance gear oils developed specifically for a broad range of enclosed industrial gear drive types required to work under different conditions from normal to heavy-duty.

These gear oils are engineered with high VI synthetic base oils and are enhanced with additives. These include anti-wear, EP, anti-foam and antioxidant properties. They can deliver multiple benefits, from saving energy and offering anti-wear protection to reduced bulk oil operating temperatures. They also provide smooth gear drive operation for gear drives and three times longer-lasting performance than standard mineral oils.

The PETRONAS Gear Syn PAO Series oils are engineered to exceed or meet key industry specifications, and are recommended for a wide variety of usage. This includes different types of enclosed industrial gears with splash and circulation systems required to work with high bulk oil temperature levels (up to 200°C). They are designed for industrial gear drives subject to heavy loads and those vulnerable to sludge formation. They are also suitable for drives coping with excessive variations in ambient and operating temperatures. For non-gear applications, they can be used with ball rollers, antifriction bearings and shaft couplings.

However, these oils are unsuitable for worm gears because of compatibility concerns. Industrial-type gear lubricants are not formulated for many types of heavy-loaded hypoid gearing. In such cases, automotive gear lubricants may provide better protection. These gear oils are compatible and can be mixed with standard mineral gear oil.

These cutting-edge oils offer many benefits. Providing outstanding low temperature protection, they can ensure components are protected even during cold starts. Their high viscosity index (VI) offers advanced protection and performance over a wide range of temperatures they can deliver extended gear performance and gear life even when drives are working under extreme pressure and are severely loaded. They also protect machine parts from wear, prolonging longer equipment service life.

The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability of the PETRONAS Gear Syn PAO Series enables these oils to maintain optimum under high pressure and temperatures and offer longer oil drain intervals. These industrial gear oils also promote system cleanliness, inhibiting sludge and water-based corrosion. Their advanced water separability also protects them from the degenerative effect of water, which ensures system efficiency and reduces maintenance. These oils also have excellent compatibility with metals alloys and seals.

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