Petronas Jenteram Syn 46 – 208L



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PETRONAS Jenteram SYN 46 – 208L is part of a series of synthetic supreme-performance turbine oils developed specially for use in a range of modern turbines. This includes steam turbines, heavy-duty and light gas turbines and combined cycle turbines without or with gear drives.

Engineered with carefully selected high VI synthetic base oils that are enhanced with advanced zinc-free additives that provide anti-wear, anti-foam, antioxidant and anti-rust properties, Jenteram SYN oils deliver high levels of anti-wear protection, excellent varnish control and superb oxidation and thermal stability. As a result, they can provide up to four times longer lasting performance.

The Jenteram SYN series exceeds and meets key original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and industrial requirements.

An advanced industrial turbine oil, Jenteram SYN 46 – 208L is suited for different operations and equipment. It can be used with a wide range of different industrial turbines but is also suitable for auxiliary equipment like compressors and generators. It can also be used with rolling, plain and element bearings, journals and slides, along with lightly loaded gear drives that require oil circulation and turbine systems that need high varnish control performance.

This turbine oil manufactured by PETRONAS provides an extensive range of operational benefits for users. It protects equipment from undue wear, extending active service life, and it has high levels of filter efficiency, increasing oil cleanliness. Its excellent varnish control capabilities protect components like turbine control valves. Offering outstanding protection from rust and water-based corrosion, it also has anti-foam properties that ensure smooth operation and reduced maintenance costs.

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