Petronas Process Oil N 100 – 208L



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While the high-performing oils of the Process Oil N series have been formulated for use with rubber goods, they are also compatible with some other non-rubber applications, such as the formulation of metalworking fluids, the treatment of PVC textiles and paint manufacture. They are produced by selectively refining wax-free naphthenic crudes to extract any impurities that could create colour, all without significantly affecting the naphthenic oil’s aromatic character.

Despite its desirable processing characteristics and excellent compatibility, PETRONAS Process Oil N 100 provides optimal colour stability, even when exposed to sunlight. Moreover, its high solvency ensures it can be easily mixed during production processes, and it is also highly miscible, with a wide range of potential additives in these processes. A low pour point also improves handling and flow at low temperatures.

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