Petronas Mecafluid NE 8 SYN




PETRONAS Mecafluid NE 8 SYN is a high-performance straight oil for metalworking developed specially for undiluted use for grinding and cutting aluminium and ferrous metals operating under both normal and heavy-duty conditions. It is formulated with synthetic, high-quality ester base oil that is enhanced with anti-foam, anti-rust and extreme pressure (EP) additives.

This outstanding metalworking straight oil is suited to numerous applications. This includes cutting and grinding operations and in workshops, where a variety of multi-tasking metal machined equipment is used.

This straight oil from PETRONAS provides a wide range of benefits. It promotes machine cleanliness and extends active service life for tools. It can reduce stock onsite as it is suited to multi-metal machining, including most aluminium alloys. Resistant to oxidation, it can minimise maintenance costs and machine downtime while reducing waste disposal. Offering exceptional rust protection, it mitigates surface staining and inhibiting corrosion. It can also cut down tool failure while enhancing machinability.

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20L, 208L