Petronas Mecafluid SM ECO Series




PETRONAS Mecafluid SM ECO is a high-performance metalworking fluid that is water miscible. It has been specially engineered for chip-forming processes involving aerospace alloys, cast iron, copper alloys and aluminium hard alloys operating under both heavy-duty and normal conditions.

This fluid is formulated with a high-quality base oil that is enhanced with additives for advanced extreme pressure (EP), anti-foam and anti-rust capabilities. It is also free from biocides that release boric acid or formaldehyde. Mecafluid SM ECO also provides extended sump life, an exceptional-quality finish and stable water solutions in hard water. As a result, it has an outstanding health, safety and environment profile.

An exceptional metalworking fluid, Mecafluid SM ECO is ideal for a range of applications. These include multi-tasking workshops and equipment where many metals are manufactured onsite.

This fluid series from PETRONAS offers an extensive array of benefits. It is suitable for processes where water quality is poor and can produce stable emulsions. It can extend tool life by keeping equipment clean and can ensure high performance levels. It also reduces risks for users and keeps maintenance to a minimum.

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SM 4001 ECO, SM 5001 ECO

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20L, 208L