Petronas Slideway HG Series



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These multifunctional, premium oils have been specially formulated to lubricate the gearboxes, slideways and hydraulic systems of machines. Mineral base oils were selected to achieve a high viscosity index, with these then being complemented by additives to provide outstanding levels of wear protection, lubricity, oxidation stability, protection against rust and demulsibility, even under extreme pressures.

Other benefits include good filterability and adhesiveness, which helps prevent the surfaces of machine tools from corroding, even when aqueous cutting fluids are used. The range is also highly compatible with cutting fluids in general, as well as other hydraulic oils. Moreover, it performs excellently at preventing the stick-slip phenomenon, while a high level of demulsibility helps prevent slideways from gumming.

As a multifunctional industrial lubricant, the PETRONAS Slideway HG series is recommended for both linear and rotational sliding tables and machine slideways, but it can also be used as a hydraulic oil and a lubricant for gears and bearings, including for precision machinery that is program controlled.

Multifunctional lubricants like the PETRONAS Slideway HG series can be helpful when trying to consolidate lubricant stocks. If you think this could benefit your organisation, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Oil Store to explore the matter further.

Additional information

Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 32, ISO VG 68, ISO VG 220

Pack Size

20L, 208L