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The Slideway range of speciality premium oils from PETRONAS has been formulated for slides and machine tool ways, especially when slow speeds and a high level of precision make it essential to eliminate stick-slip in slides and tables.

The range is made using selected high-quality base oils that provide superior lubrication, with these then being combined with a package of additives to promote adhesiveness, resist foam creation, protect against corrosion and rust, and ensure good metal wetting, even under extreme pressure. The PETRONAS Slideway range also resists oxidation well, making it suitable for applications beyond all-loss lubrication systems where oil is consumed rather than recirculated.

The oils in the PETRONAS Slideway range perform exceptionally well as boundary lubricants, so they are recommended for use in numerous machine tools to lubricate the hypoid, worm, bevel and spur gears. They can also be used for headstocks, hydraulic systems and other comparable machine tool applications.

PETRONAS Slideway 220 is normally recommended for use with larger machines, especially in situations where an extreme level of precision is demanded or pressure in the ways may be high. It is also especially suited to preventing drain down in inclined and vertical slideways. While PETRONAS Slideway 68 is suitable for flood applications in larger machines, it is typically recommended for machine tools ranging from small to medium sized.

The range is highly compatible with cutting fluids, and even when exposed to aqueous coolants, it protects against corrosion and rust. It also supports precision machining, even with longer drain intervals, thanks to its high level of oxidation stability. When used in hydraulic applications, it reduces wear in motors and pumps, and it also performs well in gearboxes.

If PETRONAS Slideway oils seem like they may benefit your operations, our knowledgeable team here at Oil Store will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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ISO VG 68, ISO VG 220

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