Petronas Syntium 7000 0W-40 SN




PETRONAS Syntium 7000E 0W-40 SN is a superior-quality, full synthetic lubricant. It is engineered using °CoolTech™ technology to resist oxidation control heat and can prevent deposit build up, as well as oil degradation, protecting components and maintaining engine efficiency for the whole drain interval.

It delivers impressive fuel economy and can meet the requirements of the latest high-performance passenger cars. It is engineered to meet the API SN specification and is ideal for SUVs, vans and passenger cars with turbocharged petrol and diesel engines using direct injection. Other applications include vehicles that run using biofuels, turbochargers, multi-valves and fuel injectors in extreme conditions.

Syntium 7000E 0W-40 by PETRONAS provides several operational benefits. It can deliver ultimate protection against the issue oil thickening brought on by lubricant oxidation, which is often accelerated when using biodiesel fuel. It also features strong oil chains, helping to maximise engine efficiency and maintain stable performance. It has outstanding sludge formation resistance helping keep engines clean, reducing emissions and optimising power conversion.

It can deliver ultimate protection from excessive wear on bearings, inhibiting engine damage when working with high load conditions that often lead to engine failure and power loss. As a result, it can offer maximum performance during an engine’s lifespan. It also provides cylinder wall and valvetrain protection and ultimate piston cleanliness by controlling temperatures for optimum power output.

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