PETRONAS Syntium Racer 10W-60 SL




PETRONAS Syntium Racer 10W-60 SL is a high-quality, fully synthetic lubricant formulated using °CoolTech™ technology to control heat effectively, resisting oxidation and preventing the build-up of deposits and oil deterioration with the aim of protecting parts and maintaining optimum engine efficiency over the duration of a complete drain interval.

Syntium Racer 10W-60 SL by PETRONAS was especially designed for a full range of engine types installed in high-powered racing and passenger cars. This includes both diesel and petrol-powered engines and the latest high-performance vehicles using multi-valves, superchargers, fuel injections and turbochargers operating in extreme conditions.

Its user benefits include outstanding protection, ultimate performance, deposit control, engine cleanliness, oil pressure and maintenance at high speeds.

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20 x 1L, 4 x 5L, 200L