Petronas Tutela Multi ATF Series




This range of multi-vehicle, fully synthetic automatic transmission fluids is DEXRON-VI approved. In addition to protecting the components of automatic transmissions, it also offers good shifting performance and fuel efficiency. Thorough testing has found this product to be suitable for the vast majority of modern automatic transmissions with 9 speeds or fewer, meaning that operators can potentially consolidate their lubricant inventory and reduce the chances of incorrect fluid use.

These products can improve operational efficiency through increased vehicle availability and efficiency, with their low viscosity minimising energy loss, even during low-temperature start-ups. The overall life of transmissions is extended thanks to improved sheer stability and the consistent film strength it brings, along with protection against wear for components, and outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, all with a long fluid life even under high-temperature operation. This fluid is also compatible with electronic components, making it suitable for some hybrid transmissions, such as those from Toyota. Drivers also feel the benefit of using this product through a noticeable reduction in engine noise and comfortable, shudder-free shifting.

To learn more about how you could benefit from using the PETRONAS Tutela Multi ATF series of automatic transmission fluids, consult our knowledgeable team at Oil Store.

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Weight N/A

ATF 500, ATF 700

Pack Size

10 x 1L, 200L