PETRONAS Tutela Multi CVT 700




The PETRONAS Tutela Multi CVT 700 is a premium-quality, fully synthetic multi-vehicle CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) fluid that delivers steel-on-steel-optimised friction, component durability and torque transfer capabilities for modern automatic transmissions during their standard active service life. Extensive testing and wide coverage for manufacturer specifications makes this fluid suitable for virtually all models of CVT transmissions. As a result, it simplifies inventory while avoiding the risk of incorrect product use.

PETRONAS Tutela Multi CVT 700 answers the service fill requirements of most CVTs that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) install in passenger cars. Its technology is also ideal for hybrid electric cars.

This cutting-edge transmission fluid offers multiple benefits. These include extended fuel economy via optimised transmission efficiency and low viscosity to counter energy loss. It also extends the active service life of vehicle transmissions thanks to its excellent oxidation and thermal stability at higher temperatures, which mitigates deposit build-up while prolonging oil lifespan.

It also delivers anti-wear, bearing and gear protection, extending transmission component life, along with improved shear stability for effective lubrication.

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