Petronas Urania 5000 F 5W-30 CF – 4 x 5L




The PETRONAS Urania 5000 F 5W-30 CF – 4 x 5L is a full synthetic engine oil engineered with StrongTech technology. The oil is formulated to remain stronger during extended use and forms a strong fluid film that prolongs engine life, as well as drain intervals, while optimising performance and decreasing total ownership cost.

This state-of-the-art synthetic engine oil is suited to all kinds of applications with heavy-duty diesel use like high-output and modern engines. It can be used with diesel engines that are naturally aspirated, but also older, turbocharged models operating both on and off-highway and running on ultra-low, high sulphur diesel, as well as biodiesel.

This synthetic solution offers several operator benefits. It can maintain optimum viscosity while offering maximum lubrication, mitigating breakdowns. It provides longer active service life for engines and extended drain intervals via excellent acid and deposit control. This stops corrosion and contamination while increasing engine lifespan.

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