Q8 Dynobear 10 – 20L




Q8 Dynobear 10

The Q8 Dynobear product range is a set of multi-purpose advanced greases, which have been specially created with the goals of lubricating general machinery, factory plant tools and other machine tools. This set of greases contains unique additives to minimise the amount of friction occurring in machinery by more than a quarter compared to other conventional oils.

These special additives eradicate the stick slip and juddering that sometimes occurs within machine-operated and hydraulic tools, and these additives do this without using tackiness agents, which can sometimes attract dust and other abrasive particles that can lead to increased wear to the parts of the machines exposed. Q8 Dynobear greases have a quality performance, even when exposed to the most severe machine conditions.

The Q8 Dynobear range come in a number of different viscosities, which are suited for various applications. Therefore, it is recommended that the technical data sheet is consulted before deciding to use this product.

What are the features and advantages of this product?

Q8 Dynobear lubricants have a number of different features, each bringing their own benefits. This makes this lubricant one of the most used in the market. Its features include:

Outstanding rust protection

This product has been created to protect machinery against unwanted contaminants, such as rust. These properties allow machinery to be used for much longer, which in turn can see user costs reduced.

Power and energy saving

The Q8 Dynobear range has qualities that remove the risk of juddering and stick slip in machinery. This helps it to operate more smoothly in a trouble-free manner, which can help to reduce machinery downtime for maintenance purposes. This means that machinery can have a more efficient and better performance, resulting in savings for both energy and power costs.


One of the main benefits of this product is that it is versatile. It can be used with a variety of machinery across numerous applications. This versatility highlights that it is an ideal product for use with all machinery and appropriate tools.


This multi-purpose product contains a set of special oiliness additives. These have been designed to considerably minimise friction in machinery. This makes it an ideal product to use to help lower wear in machinery and its parts, leading to a longer working life.

What are its main applications?

The Q8 Dynobear product range is very much recommended as a lubricant for use with all machine tools and for general factory lubrication. This product is also suited for use with spindle bearings, headstocks, saddles, cross feeds and carriage ways. It can also be used with most machine tools including automatic pressure-fed slideways.

The versatility of this product means it can be used with medium duty hydraulic machinery and parts, including gearboxes. It is important to note, however, that the right viscosity grade is selected before the product is used. This can be found in the manufacturer’s handbook.

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