Q8 Dynobear 22 – 20L




Q8 Dynobear 22

An advanced grease, the Q8 Dynobear series are multi-purpose products created specifically to lubricate general machinery, machine tools and factory plant tools. This product set contains a unique and exclusive oiliness additive which can minimise the amount of friction in machinery by more than 25% compared with similar, conventional oils.

These specific additives eliminate the juddering and stick slip that occurs in both machine operated tools and hydraulic systems. This is done without the use of tackiness agents that are known for attracting dust and other abrasive particles that lead to increased wear in machinery and the part that are exposed. These greases are known for its low wear performances and this incudes use with machinery exposes to severe conditions.

Q8 Dynobear comes in a number of viscosity grades that are suitable for a number of different applications, with different specifications. It is therefore advised that the technical data sheet is consulted before deciding to use this product.

The features and benefits of Q8 Dynobear 22

Along with other products in this set, Q8 Dynobear 22 has several features that provide numerous benefits, helping it to become one of the markets most regularly used products. Some of these features are:

Quality rust protection

This set of greases has been developed to protect machinery against rust and many other contaminants. The protective characteristics of this product allows machinery to be able to run for much longer, reducing the cost to the user.

Power and energy saving

The Q8 Dynobear range can help get rid of unwanted juddering and stick slip that is often found in machinery, helping to run much more smoothly in a trouble-free manner. This will help to reduce the amount of maintenance downtime required, meaning a saving in power, labour and energy costs.

Product versatility

Q8 Dynobear 22 is a versatile product that can be used in many different types of machinery and across numerous applications. This versatility makes Q8 Dynobear 22 an ideal lubricant for use with all machinery.

Exclusive additives

This advanced product has been developed using a unique set of additives that minimise friction. This helps to lower machine wear, and can give machinery a longer life.

What are Q8 Dynobear’s main applications?

The Q8 Dynobear series is recommended for use with all machine tools and can also be used as a general factory lubricant. These products are ideal to be used with cross feeds, carriage ways, spindle bearings, saddles and headstocks. They can also be used on automatic pressure fed slideways and other similar machine parts.

Furthermore, these greases are versatile enough for use with hydraulic systems and their gearboxes. It is important to note, however, that the right viscosity grade should be used, and this can be found in the manufacturer’s handbook.

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