Q8 Dynobear 100 – 20L




Q8 Dynobear 100

Q8 Dynobear is a range of greases designed for the lubrication of machinery, including factory machines and tools, plus heavy plant. Friction is reduced by over 25% when using Dynobear, as compared to other lubricants on the market. This is thanks to a specially developed compound these Q8 formulations contain.

The juddering and sticking that can happen, when using both hydraulic and machine-driven tools, are erased by Q8’s unique additives. The unique formula contains no sticky ingredients, which helps to avoid dust, grime and dirt building up on or even damaging unshielded parts. It also minimises the usual wear and tear. Q8’s Dynobear products are a match for even the most taxing conditions, helping to ensure minimal strain on costly machinery.

There are various grades of viscosity in the Q8 Dynobear range of greases. They are specifically designed for certain purposes and applications. It is thus advisable to refer to the correct technical data sheet to make sure you pick the ideal lubricant.

Features and benefits

Q8 Dynobear has distinct advantages and benefits that make it one of the best loved products of its kind. Some of these unique features are as follows:

Anti-rust properties

This top-quality lubricant is designed to protect metal from rusting, as well as contamination from other impurities. Machinery treated with Q8 Dynobear formulations can be used for more prolonged periods of time, which in turn reduces costs.

Power and energy efficiency

The special formula is designed to eradicate judders and stick slip, so tools or machinery operate more effectively and with less setbacks. As less maintenance time is necessary, the machinery operates far more smoothly. This saves energy, time and power.

Q8 Adaptability

Q8 lubricants are known for their versatility. They are a handy product to have, as they can grease a whole spectrum of tools and machinery.

Friction-reducing formula

This excellent Q8 grease contains additives designed to considerably reduce friction and grinding, as well as general wear and tear. This minimises damage to machine components and parts, too, which can extend the life of the machinery.

Many uses

The versatility of this lubricant means it is perfect for greasing machine tool parts. It can help to maintain carriage ways, cross feeds, headstocks, saddles and spindle bearings. It is also ideal for ensuring the smooth running of an automatic pressure fed slideways.

This grease can be applied to gear boxes and medium duty hydraulics. Users are advised to refer to the manufacturer’s own handbook, to ensure they have chosen the right grade of viscosity for the desired application.

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