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Q8 Haydn 68

This selection of Haydn products from respected manufacturer Q8 are anti-wear lubricants designed primarily for use as hydraulic oils. They are perfectly suited to the kind of machine tool hydraulics where anti-wear characteristics and enhanced filterability are necessary. The range is also highly compatible with robotics systems, where again the consistency and quality of oil are crucial.

Modern systems demand greases with great filterability, and these lubricants ably meet that need. Q8 Haydn 68’s formula was devised using a specifically developed set of additives alongside a top-quality base. The resulting formula was also designed with current low-zinc technology, permitting an exceptional performance whether conditions are dry or wet.

Leading benefits and advantages

Sleek operation

Q8 Haydn 68 features an ingredient that can lower the number of corrosives, deposits and sludge that accumulate around machine components. There are also anti-foaming additives. Machinery may thus last for longer, and maintenance costs can be reduced due to the minimising of the variables that tend to lead to wear and tear.

Protracted life

Q8 Haydn 68 offers users a remarkably long service life. This is down to the superior ability to remain stable despite high temperatures or levels of oxidation. The oils are therefore very well suited to environments where elevated temperature operations exist.

Variety of uses

This particular range of lubricants can also be used with various other kinds of industrial equipment and machinery. Examples include screw-air compression systems plus loading gear systems with reduced severity.

Fundamental applications

Where hydraulic systems require a lubricant with anti-wear characteristics and reliable filterability, this product is ideal. It may also be used, as required, with some other forms of industrial equipment. Such types include systems with lesser loading gears or screw-air compressors.

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