Q8 Haydn 46



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Q8 Haydn 46

Q8’s range includes Haydn 46, which is a high-quality lubricant intended for use with hydraulic systems. This oil is ideal for processes that require anti-wear and filterability properties. Such applications include robotic and machine tool hydraulic systems, where the exact consistency of the product is key. These are also applications that demand lubricants of the highest quality.

Q8 Haydn 46 is more than capable of meeting the rigorous filterability requirements that contemporary processing systems require. This product also aims to exceed the high expectations of Q8’s customer base. This lubricant combines a top-quality base stock with a specially selected blend of ingredients, and utilises the most up-to-date, low zinc technology. This leads to an impressive performance, which applies whether operating conditions are dry or wet.

Lubricant features and benefits

A range of bonuses mean that this product stands out from other available oils. These unique features include the following.

Smooth operation

Q8 Haydn lubricants are very resistant to deposit and sludge formation. Less build-up of the corrosive substances around machine parts is the result. There is also less foaming, thanks to the resistant formula. The advantages of this include a longer life for equipment. Machinery also needs less downtime for maintenance and repair, as the wear and tear on equipment are reduced.

Protracted life

This lubricant enjoys an extended lifespan. This is largely down to improved thermal and oxidation stability. This lubricant can therefore withstand use even in high temperature conditions.


Other types of industrial machinery that are suitable for lubrication with this product include
screw-air compression systems and gear systems with less severe loading.

Principle applications

This lubricant has been formulated for the purpose of oiling the kind of hydraulic systems where filterability and anti-wear properties are key. This oil can also be used with lesser loading gears, or to lubricate and maintain screw-air compressor systems.

Obtain from Oil Store

Q8 Haydn 46 can be procured from Oil Store. If you would like any help with your selection before ordering, then do please get in touch.

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