Q8 Wagner NST 68 – 20L (previously Heavibear 68)



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Q8 Wagner NST 68 is the new name for Q8 Heavibear 68. It is an advanced oil crafted specifically for lubricating machine tool slideways. This product features a unique ‘oiliness’ additive that can dramatically reduce the amount of friction by over 25% in comparison with conventional oils.

This level of oiliness combines with the product’s additives that enable it to deal with extreme pressure and give low wear results that cannot be matched by other oils. Q8 Wagner NST 68 also includes a tackiness agent which helps oil retention where it would normally be squeezed out, run off or be flung off. This is most effective in providing a tough and continuous layer of lubricating film for applications such as reciprocating parts, vertical slides and fast-moving gears.

The product eliminates judder and stick slip and prevents both pickup and scoring whilst operating under a heavy load. It also maintains a strong layer of oil film, even when the movements are intermittent, infrequent or small.

Q8 Wagner NST 68 has been manufactured using the highest quality refined solvent base stocks and protects against foaming, corrosion and rust.

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