Q8 Rembrandt EP2




Q8 Rembrandt EP2

The Q8 Rembrandt EP series of products are lithium based multi-purpose greases that have been formulated with a set of extreme pressure additives. This can help prevent oxidation and rust within automotive and industrial applications.

There are several key features of the Q8 Rembrandt EP series of greases that make it the product of choice for so many. These features include:

High-temperature performance

Q8 Rembrandt EP2 can perform to an outstanding level even when exposed to environments in which the temperatures can exceed 130?C.

Anti-wear and rust protective properties

This product is known for its excellent anti-wear characteristics, especially when used with machinery that has bearings that operate under a heavy shock load and vibrating conditions. Furthermore, this grease provides protection against rust and the formation of unwanted deposits, even when exposed to environments with water.

Reduced maintenance costs

These anti-wear features allow the machinery to operate in a more stable manner, which can, in turn, mean that it has a longer service life. This is enhanced by the minimisation of maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Main applications

This range of products is highly recommended for applications like plain bearings or antifriction bearings, especially in applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.

The grease is also ideally suited to the shock loading conditions of mining, excavation, construction and quarrying.

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