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Advanced manufacturing gets first Investment Zone

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South Yorkshire is to host the UK’s first Investment Zone for advanced manufacturing, potentially giving a boost for nearby communities.

As the first Advanced Manufacturing Investment Zone in the UK, South Yorkshire will have access to £80 million in public funding to attract further private funding. Some 8,000 jobs are expected to be created thanks to £1.2 billion of private investment in the zone.

Private and public investors are joining with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to extend AMRC’s Factory 2050 with a facility name Compass, which is short for composites at speed and scale. Compass will focus on addressing the challenges to making new composites. This will include composites that can be used to build commercial aircraft that are lighter, something that is important for reducing passenger jets’ environmental impact and ultimately making aviation a net-zero sector.

University of Sheffield AMRC CEO Steve Foxley said that South Yorkshire could become a prominent hub:

“…in the manufacture of composites at speed and at scale, enabling future production capabilities that currently don’t exist. This facility, alongside our existing pedigree and the work on hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels in the wider University of Sheffield, are cornerstones of a future green aerospace cluster in the region.”

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