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Advantages of synthetic motor oil in colder weather conditions

Motor oil is crucial to keep cars operating smoothly, safely and at optimum. Lubricating individual components, oil can improve an engine’s performance while also protecting it. In colder climates and in seasons such as winter, when weather can range from poor to extreme, a synthetic motor oil can have many benefits for vehicle owners. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the advantages you can enjoy when you use high-quality, man-made motor oil in your car over the colder months of the year.

Multiple benefits of synthetics in a cold weather application

Fast and easy start up

Motor oil can make it easier to start your engine. In lower temperatures, traditional engine oils may lose their ability to flow freely, making it more difficult to start your car in cold weather. Synthetic oils are much better suited to winter conditions – incredibly thin, they make cranking your engine a far faster process.

Cost-effective car servicing

While conventional oils may seem more affordable than using a synthetic solution over winter, they will need to be changed over frequently, racking up costs over time. Oils with a synthetic design can last far longer before a change is necessary, making them a more cost-efficient option in the long run.

Premium protection for engines

Due to its low viscosity index, synthetic motor oil can provide effective engine protection. As soon as you start your car, motor oil flows effortlessly to the crucial part of your car’s engine. This low viscosity delivers protection to engine parts that must work against each other, lubricating them and allowing them to move without causing friction. The free-flowing oil stops components becoming worn before their time and extends the engine’s lifespan.

Reducing fuel consumption

Thin synthetic oil with a low viscosity index makes for faster fuel combustion. This can effectively amplify your car’s performance, ensuring you can cover far more miles on the same fuel reserves. In the long run, this can cut down your petrol costs considerably, making synthetic motor oil a big plus when you’re seeking satisfactory fuel economy.

Important points for cold weather motor oil use

As a rule, an engine lubricated with synthetic oil should be able to cover at least 7,500 miles before an oil change is necessary in cold weather conditions, which is why it can be a superior substitute to conventional motor oils.

When buying motor oils to use in winter weather, it’s also worth looking for products with dedicated additive packages suited for colder weather conditions. Synthetic oils are often enhanced with agents delivering viscosity index improvement, antioxidation and anti-corrosion properties, which, when blended well with a base oil, can enhance engine performance, even at lower temperatures.

Expertly engineered oils for use in colder weather

From Mobil to Valvoline, you’ll find leading oil makers provide an extensive range of impressive synthetic motor oils that will safeguard your engine and ensure you get the best possible performance levels when the temperature starts to drop.

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