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Q8Oils: Experts in two-wheel transport lubrication

A Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants brand, Q8Oils today provides one of the world’s most comprehensive selections of dedicated lubricant products. Researching, engineering, and manufacturing over 1,000 different types of lubricants and other petroleum-based solutions, Q8Oils produces innovative and reliable products designed to serve a wide range of sectors, with applications including commercial vehicles and passenger cars, as well as serving industrial and agricultural equipment used around the globe.

Another area that Q8Oils also excels at is in producing an impressive array of lubrication options for two-wheel vehicles. From mopeds and scooters to motorcycles built with the latest racing tech, all are served effectively by the complete range provided by these lubrication experts from the Middle East.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of this outstanding selection and dig into the details of what kind of bikes can enjoy the benefits of these state-of-the-art solutions, which are designed to deliver maximum performance.

Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra

Entirely synthetic, this high-performance lubricant is incredibly low smoke for urban environments and is suited to two-stroke gasoline engines. Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra is a perfect lubrication solution for two-stroke gas engines used not just in motor scooters, mopeds, snow scooters and other forms of motorcycle, but also in chainsaws and engines with oil injection or premix systems. It can also be used in conjunction with two-stroke gasoline engines that must operate under extreme conditions, including road races and endurance competitions. Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra can be used effectively with lead free or leaded fuel.

Q8 Moto SBK Racing 10W-50

Q8 Moto SBK Racing 10W-50 is another synthetic engine oil that also delivers a high level of performance. It has been specifically engineered for motor bikes that have race-based technology onboard, and it has proved its merit on the track. Fully compatible with wet clutch systems that demand JASO MA2, it is a sound solution for the most advanced multi-valve engines.

Q8 MOTO RS Extreme

This two-stroke gas engine lubricant is entirely synthetic and is designed to keep water or air-cooled engines operating effectively under the most severe conditions, using lean mixtures of oil to fuel ratio as recommended by such engine manufacturers.

Q8 MOTO RS Extreme is ideal for high performance, non-outboard, two-stroke gas-powered engines with oil injection or pre-mix systems. It is especially suited both on- and off-road racing, as well as karting, and it can be used either with unleaded or leaded petrol.

Q8 Moto SBK 10W-40

This semi-synthetic engine oil for motor bikes can deliver high performance for those equipped with wet clutch systems. Incredibly versatile, Q8 Moto SBK 10W-40 works well with all types of water and air cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines that need JASO MA2 oils, developed to provide higher performance levels of clutch friction. It is also an excellent choice for motorcycles that experience heavy use every day, such as those employed by couriers.

Whether you ride a two-stroke gas-powered scooter around the city or a high-performance bike designed for off-road racing over tough terrain, your needs will be well served by Q8Oils and its specialist lubrication solutions.

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