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Airbus approves FUCHS ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000

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The FUCHS ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 metalworking fluid has received approval from Airbus in the latest version of its Process Specification: AIPS00-00-010.

This specification lists suitable cutting fluids for drilling and machining operations in the aviation industry.

FUCHS is the biggest independent provider of lubricant solutions in the world. Its ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 is an advanced water-miscible, boron-free cutting fluid with many applications in industry, but it has special characteristics that make it especially suitable for the high-performance machining of metal in demanding fields like aerospace, semiconductor and medical technology.

FUCHS’ product manager for metal cutting, Allison Dreznes, said about the approval:

“ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 represents a significant technological advancement in the field of aerospace manufacturing. Its unique formulation not only meets but exceeds the stringent performance and environmental standards set by Airbus. This approval follows rigorous testing to ensure the fluid’s compatibility with Airbus’s diverse range of substrates, applications and manufacturing requirements.”

According to FUCHS, the ECOCOOL 1000 coolant is both sustainable and safe, with it being free from silicon, formaldehyde, MEA, boron and TEA, such that it can come into contact with skin without causing harm. It is suitable for turning, drilling, milling, grinding and threading alloys based on nickel and titanium, as well as stainless steel, aluminium and steel. It boasts excellent rinsing and wetting properties, good metal-removal rates, and targeted dissipation of heat with low foaming to extend the overall life of metalworking tools.

FUCHS says the fluid is also extremely durable for a lower consumption, meaning it is also more economical in terms of purchasing and disposal costs.

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