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Are Fuchs’ oils suitable for food manufacturing equipment?

With more than 100,000 customers worldwide and having been operating for over 80 years, Fuchs is widely accepted as the leading independent supplier of lubricants in the world. It prides itself on developing built-for-purpose oils and greases for an extensive range of applications, ensuring each lubricant it produces can answer the specific challenges required of it.

The company achieves this objective via Fuchs Lubritech, its special application lubricant arm that is staffed by a team of over 500 experts in their chosen field. Together, these specialists develop lubrication solutions that are safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient, while delivering superior cost savings and high-performance levels.

Among the many markets that Fuchs’ oils are prepared for, the food manufacturing industry is an ideal example of an environment where all these challenges demand to be met. In the following sections, we’ll look at Fuchs’ range that was created specifically with food-safe oils in mind.

Introducing the Cassida food-grade lubricants range

The product in Fuchs Cassida range were designed to serve multiple operations requiring food-grade lubricants. These include the dairy, meat and poultry, beverage and brewing, bakery and confectionary, animal feed and edible oil processing industries.
The oils, greases and fluids in this collection are designed for processing, production and packing of cosmetics, food, medication and beverages and fulfil the stringent requirements demanded by these industries. With an understanding that consumer protection is vital, Fuchs always practices the highest standards of health and safety in every aspect of development and production.

Food-safe oils and fluids

Safety is Fuchs’ main priority. As a result, its manufacturing plants in America and Germany, along with the food-grade oils and fluids produced in them, are all certified and conform to the international standard known as ISO 21469. This established standard determines the strict hygienic requirements necessary for the manufacturing, composition and use of lubrication solutions that could potentially have incidental contact with food-related products.

Powerful lubrication for the food manufacturing industry

The Cassida-branded range from Fuchs is designed to deliver products for total loss and lifetime lubrication. Along with fluids that are mineral oil based, the range offers a diverse selection of entirely synthetic solutions for an extensive range of applications throughout the food and beverage sector.

Engineered to deliver high performance, these advanced fluids ensure the effective operation that is demanded by the intense workloads of the manufacturing and production processes. Consequently, enterprises using these options from Fuchs can ramp up machine utilisation and reduce disruptive maintenance intervals.

A constant process of food-grade oil advancement

Committed to delivering the safest and most efficient lubricants for the food industry, Fuchs and Fuchs Lubritech tirelessly improve the products in the Cassida range. Through research, development and working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), expert teams at Fuchs advance the lubricants they supply to deliver maximum performance levels and optimise safety in applications where food grade-oils are essential.

This ongoing pursuit of perfection is why Fuchs’ oils and fluids are counted among the world’s most innovative and effective solutions.

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