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BP leverages AI to improve product availability

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Oil major BP has come to an agreement alongside Relex Solutions, a specialist in supply chain management, to increase the availability of products while minimising food waste.

This is in accordance with the hundreds of Wild Bean Cafes and forecourt stores the oil major owns.

While most people used to visit petrol stations primarily to fill up their vehicles, the rising popularity of electric vehicles and home charging is gradually changing that.

BP says that more than half of forecourt customers are now there simply to buy food items, so it is vital to ensure that customers can purchase the products they went in for. The new digital solution will provide demand forecasts for each product in every store based on weather forecasts, sales history, regional preferences, and other data points.

BP’s vice president for European convenience, Jo Hayward, said that optimising the supply chain was critical to its strategy of offering quality meals, snacks and drinks to customers at their conveniently located stores. She added:

“With the Relex platform, we’re aiming to strike the balance between maximising availability and minimising food waste—optimising each stage of the supply chain from the warehouse to the store, so that our customers can always rely on us for what they want, when and where they want it.”

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