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BP submits bid for HyGreen Teesside

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Energy major BP has submitted its bid to the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF) and Hydrogen Business Model (HBM) of the UK Government for its proposed HyGreen Teesside hydrogen facility.

If realised, HyGreen Teesside will be an industrial-scale producer of green hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced using low-carbon energy to minimise or eliminate any associated carbon emissions. The NZHF and HBM were established to support commercial developments like this and ultimately kick-start the UK’s low-carbon hydrogen sector.

While the planned initial production capacity of HyGreen Teesside will be 80 MWe when it comes online in 2025, it has the potential to scale up to 500 MWe by 2030, which would make it one of the largest such facilities in the UK, thus helping to meet the UK Government’s target of achieving 10 GW of hydrogen production by the end of this decade.

The UK Head of Country at BP, Louise Kingham, said about the project:

“We aim to produce green hydrogen that can help decarbonise industries, heavy transport, and even provide heat in homes. And we think HyGreen Teesside has the potential to transform energy use, the economy, and skills in the local region.”

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