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Castrol and SKF to offer oil reconditioning service

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SKF and Castrol have established a new partnership to increase the reach of SFK’s RecondOil service for reconditioning oil.

Castrol is a world-leading maker of lubricants and other industrial fluids, and the partnership will enable its industrial customers to integrate RecondOil systems based on SFK’s Double Separation Technology (DST). When used in manufacturing processes requiring neat oil, DST takes used oil and reconditions it before recirculating it back for reuse in the metalworking application.

This brings the obvious advantage of consuming lubricant fluids at a lower rate, meaning a lower volume needs to be handled. As well as helping businesses to become more sustainable, it also even improves the performance of machinery.

SKF’s President for Independent and Emerging Businesses, Thomas Fröst, said about the new partnership:

“We recognise the importance of circularity within industrial processes, and our partnership with Castrol is another step towards making this a reality. By combining SKF RecondOil and Castrol lubrication fluid technology, we can offer ‘Oil as a Service’ solutions that help reduce waste, save energy and improve manufacturing processes.”

Castrol’s Vice President for Industrial, Marine, and Energy, Kamuran Yazganoglu, emphasised his company’s commitment to enabling its customers to reduce their carbon emissions and waste generation, pointing out how the new partnership with SFK exemplified how such cooperation can help customers in achieving their sustainability targets.

The combined fluid and reconditioning service will initially be focussed on the metalworking sector, with contracts being based on fees and performance.

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