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Castrol becomes an official fluid partner to GRC

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Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) has announced that leading lubricant maker Castrol is to join its ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program for progressing the single-phase fluid technology for immersion cooling.

GRC is a leading player in keeping data centres cool through immersion cooling, a process where a special dielectric coolant comes into direct contact with electric components to efficiently transfer heat away from them. The company has installed systems in a total of 22 countries around the world, for which it supplies a range of ElectroSafe liquid coolants. When it joins the programme, Castrol will work with GRC in following a protocol for gathering data about fluids, ultimately enabling them to improve the performance of coolants in terms of safety, compatibility and thermal efficiency.

Castrol Vice President Matthias Donner expressed his company’s excitement at joining the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, adding:

“Making Castrol’s immersion cooling fluid expertise and technology available to GRC’s customers will enable both organisations to accelerate progress in the growing immersion cooling industry, collaborate to advance the performance of single-phase immersion cooling fluids, and contribute towards improving the sustainability of data centre operations globally.”

As a programme partner, Castrol will also offer its Castrol ON range of fluids for immersion cooling, which have undergone extensive testing to ensure they protect data centre equipment, while also reducing unscheduled outages by improving thermal performance. Castrol’s fluids are said to be highly stable with a particularly low viscosity; they also boast a very good level of compatibility with the materials of electrical components.

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