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Castrol to collaborate on immersion cooling solutions

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Lubricant maker Castrol has signed a collaboration agreement with Submer, a producer of immersive cooling solutions.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will look for ways to promote the implementation of immersion cooling to make power-hungry data centres more sustainable and efficient. Castrol is of course no stranger to thermal management, being the producer of coolant products for electric vehicles and industrial applications. Together with Submer, it will work on developing and standardising the next-generation of fluids for cooling computer equipment by immersing it in a dielectric but thermally conductive liquid. The primary benefit of this will be to make data centres more sustainable, because it will reduce the amount of water and energy needed to run and cool the vast array of servers that power the typical data centre.

The Vice President for Advanced Mobility and Industrial Products at BP, Rebecca Yates, said the company’s PATH360 framework sets out its aim to work with its customers and partners to reduce their use of water and energy and prevent waste. She added:

“Teaming up with Submer is a great example of how cooperation can help deliver more efficient operations and can bring about many opportunities for us to continue to deliver products that help save energy whilst delivering high-performance with increased efficiency.”

Both companies have made strong commitments to achieving a more sustainable future, and the expertise with thermal management and worldwide reach of Castrol combined with Submer’s intellectual property should help to better serve data centres with innovative solutions.

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