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Everything you wanted to know about Petronas Lubricants

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Listed as one of the world’s 10 leading lubrication companies, Petronas Lubricants International (also known as PLI or simply Petronas) has earned a reputation for excellence in both the services and products it delivers. Headquartered in Malaysia, the manufacturer now serves global markets with a comprehensive range of lubricants and expert support.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Petronas as a company and what it can offer customers around the world, including those based here in the United Kingdom. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this global leader in the field of lubrication.

Who is Petronas?

Petronas is the worldwide marketing and manufacturing arm for lubricants of Malaysia’s national oil corporation. It was first set up in 2008 and now makes and markets a complete range of cutting-edge lubrication products for several different sectors including industrial, agricultural, and automotive.

Spreading out from its base in Malaysia’s capital, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Petronas has established a robust network to serve its growing customer base. It has regional offices set up in Chicago in the United States, Beijing in China, Durban in South Africa, Turin in Italy, Brazil’s Belo Horizonte and, of course, Kuala Lumpur. From these regional bases, teams manage a further 30 marketing offices situated in 28 different countries around the world, allowing Petronas to supply high-quality lubricants to more than 100 markets.

What is the connection between Petronas and the Silver Arrows?

Petronas is a well-known name in the Formula One racing world. The manufacturing and marketing arm has the honour of being the technical resource supporting Petronas’ ongoing technical partnership, known as the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One racing team. As a result, Petronas is behind the design and development, along with the delivery of the expertly engineered fluid technology solutions (FTS) that power the renowned Silver Arrows around the track. The FTS are high-specification customised transmission fluids, lubricants and fuels designed to deliver the ultimate levels of performance.

What automotive lubricants does Petronas supply?

Petronas offers a complete range of lubrication products for the motoring industry, with lubricants suited to a range of vehicles operating in different environments. Petronas Syntium and Petronas Durance, for example, are designed to keep the engines of passenger cars well-lubricated. They can deliver optimum performance while keeping components protected.

The motoring lubricants developed by Petronas also include products designed specifically for conventional motorcycles like Petronas Sprinta, and also racing bikes like Petronas Durance Racing. Petronas uses its trackside experience on the Formula One circuit to develop oils that can cope under the most competitive conditions.

Petronas has also developed dependable oils for larger vehicles like trucks and heavy-duty workhorses. Petronas Urania has been engineered to ensure engines remain protected from contaminants, corrosion and shock while carrying heavier loads.

What sectors does Petronas’ range of industrial lubricants cover?

Petronas states that if an industry’s equipment requires a lubricant, it has developed a solution. It now supplies high-performance lubricants to support organisations and their operations across every industry. Using the latest technological developments, it has produced lubricants that can optimise efficiency levels of equipment while protecting parts and effectively reducing downtime to promote productivity.

Sectors and fields that Petronas currently supplies industrial lubricants for include cement manufacturing, nuclear and coal production, railroad, pulp and paper, sugar, steel and both underground and surface mining, among others.

How does Petronas serve the agricultural sector?

Petronas has developed a comprehensive selection of engine lubricants for farming and agricultural machinery and vehicles like tractors and harvesters. With an understanding that the world of agriculture involves long hours and intense work, and that the machines used must be able to deliver optimum performance to produce superior yields and allow operations to remain competitive, Petronas has created engine oils that are dependable, efficient and work tirelessly under any conditions.

Experts at Petronas have identified the enemies of efficiency and designed lubricants to eliminate them. Soot, dirt, mud and severe operating conditions can lead to wear, oxidation and contaminants like engine deposits. All these unwanted elements can wreak havoc on the innerworkings of equipment and vehicles, negatively impacting performance and causing unscheduled downtime. With this in mind, Petronas offers oils that can cope in a wide range of extreme conditions and keep engines protected and running smoothly.

What are Petronas workshops?

Along with supplying high-quality lubricants, Petronas also has a dedicated network of expert-led workshops around Europe. The full range of services provided by Petronas workshops covers electronic systems, service repairs, checks and inspections, tow trucks for breakdowns, oil changes, expert engine diagnosis and tyre services, all delivered by a team of qualified professionals with a passion for vehicle care.

From its comprehensive lubrication range and expert services to its commitment to ensuring customers all around the world can access the latest in lubrication, it’s clear to see why Petronas is a rising star in the global lubricant industry.

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