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DuPont celebrates 75th anniversary of Molykote brand


Parent company Dupont recently marked the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Molykote brand of speciality lubricants.

Alfred Sonntag, an American scientist, established the brand in 1948 for a range of lubricants developed around molybdenum disulphide. Since then, manufacturers and engineers have trusted these “miracle lubes” to help them solve the most challenging lubrication and design problems.

Eugenio Toccalino, the Global Business Director at Molykote, said that for speciality lubricants, the brand is among the most well known in the world, with it being:

“At the forefront of not only lubrication science and technology, but also of customer support, for the past 75 years. In choosing the Molykote brand, our customers have access to lubrication experts with broad application expertise to focus on advancing the next generation of mobility, renewable energy, product design and sustainable manufacturing.”

Over its 75-year history, the Molykote range has improved and expanded, with it now featuring specialty hydrocarbons, perfluoropolyethers, silicones, and anti-friction dry-film coating lubricants for addressing challenging lubrication-related issues.

The brand will use its anniversary to showcase its focus on innovative products with enhanced performance characteristics, such as greater compatibility with various materials, superior corrosion protection, enhanced energy efficiency, thermal and electrical management, improved reliability and durability, and reductions in noises and vibrations. Well over 500 greases, fluids, oils, anti-friction coatings, and other products for industry and transport feature in the Molykote range.

If you would like to learn more about how Molykote’s range of speciality lubricants could help you improve your operations, contact our expert team here at TrAchem.

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