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East Anglia One wind farm produces first electricity

The East Anglia One offshore wind farm recently passed a milestone, as the first in a set of 102 planned wind turbines came online and supplied electricity to an onshore substation in Burstall, Suffolk.

The Spanish company Iberdrola is developing the wind farm about 30 miles off the coast of Suffolk, with the aim of being fully operational next year. ScottishPower Renewables, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, has already installed 25 WTG E19 wind turbines over the summer with the aim of connecting them to the electricity grid gradually.

The project manager for East Anglia One, Charlie Jordan, said:

“Connecting the first wind turbine to the grid is a big milestone, the culmination of everyone’s incredibly hard work, from local suppliers to employees of national and international businesses. Once fully operational, East Anglia One will produce the renewable energy that the United Kingdom needs.”

Some £2.5bn is being invested in East Anglia One, which will cover an area of over a hundred square miles and supply enough energy to power 630,000 typical British homes. With an installed capacity of 714MW, it may become the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, although the 1.2 GW Hornsea Project 1 is also expected to be finished next year.

The growth in offshore wind power testifies to the advancements that have been made, such as in areas like size, economies of scale, and the lubricants from Mobil stockists. The East Anglia One project alone has also helped create jobs for 1,300 people in the UK and other European countries.

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