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Everything you need to know about Klüber

During the last eight decades, Klüber has become one of the planet’s most respected suppliers of specialist lubricants for a wide range of industries. These include automotive, rail, wind, metalworking, glass, textile and food applications.


Klüber Lubrication belongs to the Freudenberg Group, and has been in existence since 1966. The company headquarters are based in Weinheim, Germany, and Klüber is one of the concerns covered by parent company Freudenberg Chemical Specialities.

The Freudenberg Group was formed more than a century-and-a-half ago by Carl Johann Freudenberg. To this day, the company remains family-owned, but with a local outlook.

At the core of Klüber’s ethos are diversity, innovation and creativity, and these qualities are complemented by reliability and responsibility. Klüber strongly believes this to be the basis of its continued success.

Global, diverse and specialised

Klüber employs over 150 engineers that specialise in research and development, plus around 2,000 other employees across the world, including other technical professionals. Presently, the company produces around 2,000 different lubricant products, including oil, paste and grease formulas. These are developed and tested at the company’s own facilities. Klüber also holds a number of certifications in its name.

Klüber prides itself on dealing in highly specialised lubricants, paying particular attention to initial fill. Its target market includes customers in all areas of industry, and encompasses areas all over the globe. Typical users of Klüber lubricants include those who are involved in the production of systems, machines and their parts, modules and components. Customers also include the companies who then use such equipment during their own production processes.

With an impressive reputation for the supply of highly specialised lubricants, Klüber has in fact formulated some of its products in direct response to customer feedback and demand. The Klüber team is very involved in consumer consultation, and also highly competent in acting as partners to anyone involved in industrial production and trading.


Klüber partners with a wide range of customers in 57 countries, and the company very much adopts a long-term view. The foundation of the company is solid finances combined with the expertise and excellence of its experienced employees. This encapsulates the philosophy of the Freudenberg Group and the range of businesses it owns.

Klüber lubricants

One of the key aims of Klüber is to produce tribological formulas that solve problems. Its technicians are deeply involved in researching the engineering and science behind interacting surfaces that operate in motion. Skilled Klüber engineers are therefore keen to study the principles of friction, wear and lubrication, and to apply these principles by creating products that address the relevant issues faced by those using moving surfaces.

A range of Klüber lubricants has been perfected in order to exceed even the highest expectations, and the company specialises in devising lubricants that are ideally suited to specific kinds of industry.

If a highly specialised lubricant developed by dedicated experts sounds like something that would complement your business, you may well be able to rely on the experts at Klüber to have formulated exactly the product that meets your needs and expectations.

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