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Everything you need to know about Morris

Morris Lubricants is one of the biggest, and oldest, manufacturers of premium lubricant products in Europe. The company exports to over 85 countries across the world, with customers working in a wide range of sectors. The Shropshire-based company sells an average of 160,000 litres of lubricant per day.

Reputation and profile

With its headquarters in a prominent part of central Shrewsbury, Morris is a lubricant supplier that intends to be seen. To this end, the company employs brand ambassadors, who are in place to help raise the manufacturer’s profile. These include Guy Martin, who is frequently seen on TV, while motor racer Rebecca Jackson is the first female to be appointed in the role.

Morris Lubricants has been operating since 1869, and thus has a long history of providing supreme oil products. The British manufacturer is one of the world’s biggest lubricant makers, and has built a solid reputation for supplying top quality lubrication products that are used in a broad selection of industries.


It all began when James Kent Morris first opened a grocery store and candle factory in 1869. Before his untimely accidental death in 1891, Morris expanded the business to include a steam candle works and then by importing paraffin.

By the time J K Morris Junior took over the running of the business, the company’s concerns included food products such as baked goods, sweets, wines and spirits as well as groceries, plus a lubricant plant that was rapidly growing. This was the reason for the company moving to larger premises in 1911.

After obtaining its first large contract in 1915, the company was incorporated in 1922. There then followed a second move to its third premises in 1927, and Morris Senior’s grandson, L A Paterson, took over the running of the oil division at this time. He later became Chairman and Managing Director in 1943.

A major fire broke out in 1954, yet the business continued to flourish. By the late 1990s, two fifth-generation descendants of the original Morris joined the company. In 2005 the first of these, Edward Goddard, was appointed Morris Leisure’s Managing Director. The second descendant, Andrew Goddard, became Chairman of Morris Lubricant in 2018 while Edward became Chairman of the leisure division.

Morris lubricants

Today, Morris produces a range of lubricant products to supply the needs of various sectors, including oils for passenger, motorsport, agricultural and commercial vehicles, as well as motorbikes. The firm also deals in lubricants used in the rail, marine and horticultural industries. Morris even produces specialist oils for use with off-road, heritage and steam vehicles, and plays a part in the production of power by supplying lubricants for use with gas engines and diesel generators.

Morris’s industrial range encompasses cutting, drilling, gear machine and straight oils. It also produces lubricants tailor made for use with slideways, grinders, compressors, airlines and hydraulic systems. In addition, the firm produces more niche products like mould release oils, fuel additives, system cleaners, heat transfer oils and fluids to protect against corrosion.

Whether you’re in heavy industry or simply want a good quality brake fluid or engine coolant for your car, the lubricants produced by Morris must be worthy of serious consideration.

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