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Everything you need to know about Shell

Shell is undoubtedly one of the oil industry’s key players. An international company, Shell is an expert in discovering, extracting and refining oil and gas. In addition, the company is a world leader in the production and marketing of chemical energy products.

Royal roots

Royal Dutch Shell began in 1907, but the company’s history goes back far beyond this. The Shell Group’s global headquarters remain in The Hague, and Royal Dutch Shell plc is the parent company, incorporated in England and Wales.

Global progress

The key aim of Shell is to power progress on a global scale, which the company wishes to do by coming up with more clean and sustainable energy sources. It is well aware that a general improvement in the standard of living for most of the world’s population will lead to an increase in demand. This demand will, in part, be for oil and natural gas, but the company is keen to invest in developing low-carbon forms of energy too.

Shell stresses that responsibility and safety are at the core of the company ethos. While researching and testing new forms of energy, Shell sees the way forward via multiple sources of energy, which it believes will be the norm in the decades and centuries to come.

In order to fund the development of new energy technologies, Shell recognises the need for a solid financial framework that underpins everything it does. This is achieved via prudent investment, increasing cash flow and providing shareholders with great returns, in order to grow the monetary resources available.

Clean yet convenient

Shell also wishes to be a key player in the global shift towards energy supplies that are convenient and competitively priced, as well as cleaner and greener. Within this framework, Shell wants to ensure it makes a positive contribution to mankind and society via its achievements.

A large part of its success depends upon tracking its competitors, as well as keeping an eye on social, political and environmental factors that influence how the markets perform. This means the company is continually assessing its own position and progress, while asking how things could be improved – and what part the company can play in this.

Shell has defined ethical and moral guidelines within which it operates, plus an ever-present focus on health and safety, the environment, security and its own performance within this highly competitive field.

In the present day, Shell is thus one of the world leaders in supplying energy and high-quality chemical products. It produces and markets synthetic and mineral-based oils, and customers include professionals from the commercial, automotive and marine industries.

Shell lubricants

A Shell lubricant product exists for every application its customers demand. These range from commonly used car engine and heavy duty engine oils, to specially developed lubricants intended for specific types of industry.

Whether a performance car engine oil or a lubricant for agricultural vehicles is required, Shell will produce this. Products also include lubricants developed for industrial use, and Shell oils are used across the planet to lubricate gears and transmission systems, hydraulics, slideways, compressors, transformers and spindles.

If you want a lubricant you can rely on to maintain your equipment performance and make processing as smooth as it can possibly be, Shell lubricants are well worth a closer look.

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