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Everything you need to know about Q8

Q8 is a trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International, and is a relative newcomer to the market, having been established in 1983. Q8 belongs to parent company the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

Business focus

Q8 oils are developed and marketed with the aim of improving the businesses of their customers. Companies using Q8 products are expected to see an increase in profitability, as well as continued high performance. The lubricant formulas Q8 devises are enhanced by the latest technology, and the firm offers over 1,000 unique lubricants to supply the needs of everyone, from a car owner to a huge industrial production company.

Strategic locations

In order to produce top quality oils that satisfy the demands of their many customers, Q8 has two of its own blending plants. Both are found in Europe; one is located in Antwerp, Belgium, while the other is located close to Milan in the Italian town of Castellar Guidobono.

The location of the Q8 Antwerp plant is ideal for receiving the required raw materials by vessel, due to it being right by the waters of the river Scheldt. At this plant, Q8’s own quality control department is complemented by ISO certification, to ensure finished products of the very best quality. The lubricants are then sold in quantities that vary between 1 and 1,000 litres.

The Belgian plant has benefited from huge investment in recent times, to the tune of around $100m (£77m). This has helped it to become the most modern plant in Europe, as well as the largest.

As with the Belgian plant, Q8’s Italian facility has a quality control department on site, as well as a laboratory designed for product development. The plant supplies a broad range of Q8 products to customers all over the globe, whatever their lubricant needs.

Innovation and sustainability

Excellence and innovation are of prime importance to Q8, which is why it has its own Research and Development programme in place. The company invests heavily in researching and developing new products to meet the specific needs of its customers, and many of the additives Q8 lubricants contain have been developed by the company itself. As a result, Q8 is able to offer specially made solutions for the challenges faced by those in particular industries. The company’s intention is also to supply products offering a performance level that far exceeds the average.

As well as quality, Q8 is dedicated to sustainability, and its lubricants therefore comply with a range of international standards, including Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals, ISO 9001, and the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS). There is also a company policy firmly in place to further the protection of the environment; applicable standards here include ISO 14001 and RC 14001.

Q8’s own Safety, Security, Health & Environment (SSHE) Management System, meanwhile, assures the public regarding its commitment to abiding by best practice and seeking continual improvement.

Q8’s tailored, customer-specific formulas can ensure that all specific lubricating needs are covered, whatever the intended application.

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