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ExxonMobil signs five-year deal with Infinis

ExxonMobil, which makes the lubricants for Mobil distributors, has signed a sole supplier five-year agreement with Infinis, a British renewable energy company with a strong presence in generation from landfill gas. Under the deal, ExxonMobil will supply tailored lubrication solutions for the company’s UK landfill gas engines and take the two companies’ long relationship well into its third decade.

ExxonMobil’s revolutionary MobilServ service, which allows operators to easily send lubricants to Mobil for laboratory analysis and check the results online, and its premium Mobil Pegasus range of gas engine oils will play key roles in the deal. In addition, the two companies will carry on their joint project to improve productivity for biogas plants in areas such as logistics and product development and testing.

Mobil’s latest generation of gas engine oil, Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra, was previously tested in the field at one of Infinis’ UK landfill generation sites. According to ExxonMobil, this new oil has been specifically developed for modern medium- and high-speed four-cycle engines fuelled on landfill gas, which can be contaminated with substances such as halides, hydrogen sulphide, and siloxane. A balanced formulation provides the benefits of longer drain intervals while still providing good anti-scuff and anti-wear properties.

Centre of Excellence Manager Stuart Wilson of Infinis said about the deal:

“The ExxonMobil team closely monitors the operational needs of our sites to help maximise the production output of our landfill gas. Together, we will continue to extend oil drain intervals and enhance equipment life, while reducing costs and unscheduled downtime.”

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