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New poll suggests strong support for onshore wind power

A new poll of UK citizens has shown a clear majority in favour of onshore wind power and who want the Government to change its current policy, which has effectively banned onshore wind power by excluding projects from the Contracts for Difference auction scheme and putting in place new planning restrictions.

The poll was conducted by internet-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov. It surveyed 3,609 people in the UK between the June 5 and 7 for their perceptions about clean energy and its sources. When asked if they favoured a reversal of government policy to allow more windfarms to be built where local support exists, 66% either tended to support the idea or strongly supported it, while only 15% supported maintaining the current restrictions on onshore wind power. Some 69% of people also supported the construction of more onshore windfarms in general.

Support for onshore wind power is growing as it becomes clearer that it is potentially the cheapest option for new power generation. Designs have become more efficient and cheaper to produce, while synthetic-based lubricants like Mobilith SHC 220 ensure high performance and effective electricity generation.

Emma Pinchbeck, an Executive Director at RenewableUK, said about the survey:

“The Government’s policy is massively out of step with public opinion, including the views of Conservative voters.

“Whether it’s the over-65s, people in rural communities or younger voters who want action on climate change, abandoning the onshore wind ban is popular across the board.”

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