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Formula 1 driver credits ExxonMobil for racetrack success

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Sergio Perez, one of the drivers for the Red Bull Formula 1 team, has highlighted the role that its technology partner ExxonMobil has played in helping the team to win on the racetrack, describing it as the “secret sauce”.

ExxonMobil has been supplying the Red Bull team with cutting-edge fuel and specialised Mobil lubricant products since 2017. So far this season, Perez has won three races and is ranked number two in the drivers’ standings behind teammate Max Verstappen. He said the innovative Mobil lubricant technology and racing fuel had given the team an edge on the racetrack.

Racing provides companies like ExxonMobil with the opportunity to test fuel and lubricant technology under extremely demanding conditions, with this often feeding into consumer products like passenger car engine oil and fuel at the pumps. Speaking to the Beyond the Flag racing website, Perez said about this:

“It’s amazing, the same technology that we are using at the different circuits everywhere around the world, you can access. There is so much technology, so much work put through it—it really exposes the engines, all the components, to the maximum life.”

He added that it was incredible that Mobil had managed the give the general public access to the same technology. For example, some of the technology behind ExxonMobil’s Synergy Race Fuel is used in the petrol sold at Esso-branded stations in the UK to help prevent engine deposits and keep vehicles running efficiently.

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