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What type of lubrication is used in modern cars?

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The latest cars coming off the production line from leading automakers are designed with engines optimised for efficiency, performance and active service life. However, to keep engine components protected and able to move freely, a fresh supply of lubrication is essential. The most common type of lubricant used in modern cars is synthetic oil and, in this blog, we’ll take a deep dive on this solution and the difference between full-synthetic and semi-synthetic oils.

Synthetic oils for cutting-edge cars

Synthetic oil is available in two distinct types, known as full synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, also known as blended synthetic oils. A full synthetic oil is formulated in a lab. It will typically use petroleum as its base oil, although the petroleum is altered via a complex chemical process that makes its random molecules uniform. The base oil is then injected with specific additives to enhance specific qualities in the petroleum or add new attributes entirely. These cleverly engineered oils are extensively manipulated to ensure they can answer the demands of modern motors.

Synthetic blends are oils that mix synthetic oil, with high-quality conventional oil. As a result, they can exhibit the characteristics and advantages of both conventional and synthetic oils. While semi-synthetic oils may not deliver the full capabilities offered by full synthetic oils, they are superior to conventional oils and more affordable than unblended products.

Tough oils for modern motors

Synthetic motor oils are exceptionally robust. As they possess a uniform chemical structure, they can offer more uniform characteristics when it comes to wear than conventional engine oils. Additionally, the uniform oil structure enables synthetic oils to provide more even lubrication in high-spec engines of modern cars that are typically high-compression and high-temperature by design. Built-for-purpose, synthetic oils are formulated to perform efficiently over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Modern manufacturers prefer synthetics

As synthetic oils offer enhanced performance characteristics, they are usually the preferred lubricant of most leading car manufacturers. Full synthetics are engineered to deliver higher performance and last longer than synthetic blended oils or even premium brands of conventional motor oil. As a result, it is understandable that they are well-known as the most expensive engine oils available.

To preserve their engine and ensure it always runs at maximum performance, it is vital that vehicle owners always use the motor oil recommended by for their make and model by the manufacturer.

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