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Fuchs and Triumph partner on new lubricant range


Triumph Motorcycles has announced a new partnership with lubricant developer Fuchs to create a new range of oils and other products based on ester compounds.

The engineering team at Triumph worked with their counterparts on the Fuchs Silkolene team to develop a new range of products to give optimal performance and protection for the full range of Triumph motorcycles. The new range will be branded Triumph Performance Lubricants, and is to be used in every Triumph motorcycle that rolls off the production line.

The new range will be available from spring this year. It will include a wide-ranging selection of cleaning and maintenance products such as chain lube, brake fluid, cleaners, copper paste and grease. Triumph states the range features outstanding lubrication performance, with sound oxidative and thermal stability and limited volatility. Official Triumph dealers will be the exclusive providers of the new range, with customers either purchasing them directly or using them as part of a service.

Fuchs’ CEO and chairman, Stefan Fuchs, expressed his company’s pride in working with the iconic Triumph brand, adding:

“Working in partnership with the Triumph R&D team, Fuchs has developed a range of Triumph Performance Lubricants, utilising the very latest lubricant technology that will ensure Triumph motorcycles will maintain optimum engine performance and protection throughout the motorcycle’s lifespan.”

He also said that customers of Triumph will now have the benefit of being able to purchase the absolute best oils and maintenance for their bikes, with these having been formulated, trialled and approved by Triumph itself.

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