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Morris Lubricants introduces new Ultralife range

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Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants has announced the launch of its improved Ultralife range of antifreeze coolants.

The range is used as a coolant and rust preventive in a variety of off-highway vehicles, such as those used in construction. According to Morris, the new range collectively satisfies 169 international standards and manufacturers’ specifications.

Morris Lubricants’ technology manager, Adrian Hill, explained the need for the new range:

“Traditional coolant specifications have relied on products using simple chemistry, typically with a two-year lifespan. As the metallurgies used in engine design continue to develop, alongside changing duty cycles, antifreeze coolant technology has needed to evolve in parallel, to help maximise engine protection as well as preventing freezing and overheating.”

He added that the new Ultralife range met this need, with the entire range providing effective protection in conditions as cold as -37° C.

What makes the range different to traditional antifreeze coolants is its use of organic acid technology (OAT). To protect against rust and corrosion, traditional products have relied on inorganic chemistry, but as this is an active process, the effectiveness degrades over a period of two years. In contrast, the organic acids in an OAT-based coolant interact with equipment in a more selective manner, such as when the process of electrolytic corrosion begins. This means it can stay effective for up to five years.

Hill also said that operators were becoming aware of the benefits of using an antifreeze coolant that reduces their environmental impact while also helping to improve efficiency, and this had provided the motivation to release the new range.

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